Stuart Jones is based on British and European influence in design and which is not only interior design visit orientated, it also takes pride in its virtual designs too.  Joanne Jones take pride in amalgamating her archaeological, general illustration experience along with design background to create individual and period projects.  

Virtual design can include images sent on to the design service, the use of Virtual Worlds, sketches and mood boards, makes it possible to visualise the clients project.   As Joanne’s experience in the reconstruction of sites, artefacts and building it makes it possible for her to visualise even before pen meets paper.  Some images on the web page were done virtually some with the aid of architectural plans, others from site visits.

Joanne has experience in working on period property of which this can mean restoring old properties or adapting contemporary with traditional.  Working in Bath for almost 11 years has meant that Joanne has been honoured in working with an eclectic range of structures.  

She has been involved in many commercial projects from holiday lets, residential, churches and offices including setting up the design service for a previous employee many years ago of which was very successful.  Working with her previous companies had made it possible to expand her knowledge in running a business of which she will always be grateful.

Now we can expand on our virtual design for not only ourselves but us our software for other interior designers and architects.

Work incorporates dealing with the technical side of design, acquiring product knowledge, sourcing new materials, recommending builders and decorators, working with a client’s, contractors and working alongside any eclectic crew.